Naton Hunter *DECEASED*

A knighted eldest son of Lord Konrad Hunter


Ser Naton Hunter, the 28 year old brutish heir to House Hunter.


Although known as a fighter of some renown, Naton’s reputation generates notoriety rather than his actual skill or daring. Naton’s favorite topic of conversation is his prowess on the battlefield, followed by his prowess in the bedchamber. Ser Naton served as squire to one of his uncles (who long ago took the black) and was knighted seven years ago. Since then, he has shown fair skill in tournaments, though he has yet to win one.

As his father’s heir, Naton might as well paint a target on his back, from the rest of his family’s perspective. Naton has survived numerous attempts on his life, and because he inherited his mother’s size and penchant for bullying, he has managed to hold his would-be usurpers down.

Naton has not yet married, though he is the proud father of two mewling bastards, one with a kitchen wench named Kitha, and the other with Kitha’s daughter, Salia. He needs to marry soon, so he plans to compete in the tourney and mingle with the noble ladies in attendance; he hopes to impress them with all he has to offer.

Naton became fast friends with Alix Maple and Eckhard Stone, and just as quickly shunned Jerick and Mason. He was quick to join them in the Grand Melee, and fought on their side with great vigor. After the fight, however, he was witness to the painful death of Langley Woods, and suddenly felt betrayed by House Teamus. He now holds nothing but contempt for them.

Naton challenged his new friends, Alix Maple and Eckhard Stone to a duel to the death for the honor of his house. Eckhard hit him like an aurochs, and he died instantly, making Hayes Hunter now the head of the house.

Naton Hunter *DECEASED*

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