Marita Hunter

Middle daughter of Lord Konrad Hunter


Marita Hunter is Lord Konrad’s second daughter.


Marita married at the age of seventeen, but her husband, a minor Lydden, died of a fever a few months later. She did not produce an heir for him. Marita married again at age twenty-one, and her second husband, her first husband’s younger brother, vanished without a trace just weeks after the wedding. In the two years since, Marita has had no further offers of marriage. Gossip mongers whisper about the demise of her first husband and the mysterious fate of the second, dubbing her the “Black Widow.”

As a young woman, Marita met a charming Braavosi friend of her brother Hayes. The two had been madly in love since their early courtship. To the couple’s dismay, their disparate social positions and Marita’s parents blocked their union.

Konrad uses the occasion of the tournament to send Marita to King’s Landing, so she can meet her latest nervous suitor, Langley Woods. Hayes arranged this union through no small effort, convincing his father he only wished to further their family’s influence through a union with another house.

Although not a beautiful woman, in part because of her intimidating height, Marita is vivacious and the life of any party she attends. She behaves according to the rules of polite society, as well as by the rules of the rowdy roadside tavern, and she can hold her drink against any man.

Marita has flirted with many of the men she has met at Kings Landing, despite betrothal to Langley Woods, which is obviously a political one. She spends more time partying with her brother Naton and his rowdy friends, than preparing for the wedding. However, the day Langley died, she was dressed in mourning, and was visibly shaken at his death, whether it be from lost love, or from another notch in her reputation as “The Black Widow”, it is hard to say.

After the trial of House Teamus, Hayes made sure Marita was to blame for the affair, and Marita was condemned to live out her life in a sept. However, during the night after the trial, there is a daring rescue for Marita, and she disappears.

Marita Hunter

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