Clayton Archay *DECEASED*

"The Fox Knight"


Lord Clayton Archay is the last surviving member of House Archay. He is a middle-aged, well-muscled man with a broad face and a hard, imposing jaw. A scar runs from the bottom of his left eye down to the cleft of his chin, a souvenir from the Rebellion.


Clayton fought for the Targaryens during Robert’s Rebellion and refused to accept King Robert’s generous pardon to subjects willing to bend the knee to their new king. Instead, Archay fled into the countryside and took up arms. He fancies himself a loyalist supporter of a wrongly deposed king, but most people dismiss him as a madman or a bandit, and few people even remember his house, much less his name.

Of late, Archay has taken to the kingswood and, as “The Fox Knight,” he occasionally harasses and robs travelers passing through the region in the name of the “one true king.”

House Archay is all but forgotten, and many people think the family scion died long ago. Most folks believe the Fox Knight is either a mad hedge knight or a bandit playing at chivalry in hopes of scaring smallfolk into surrendering their valuables.

House Teamus overpowered Clayton, and Hayes Hunter stabbed him claiming he was protecting Mason.

Clayton Archay *DECEASED*

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