Konrad Hunter

Lord of House Hunter


The head of the house is Konrad Hunter, a fifty-six-year-old man with silver hair and the brutish good looks for which his line is known.


Konrad Hunter has eleven brothers and six sisters still living. He is the second eldest of his father’s children. His older brother, Klaas Hunter, died under mysterious circumstances following a minor wound during Robert’s Rebellion. Klaas’s three sons all agreed to take the black and join the Night’s Watch—rumor has it “for reasons of health.”

Konrad’s wife is Lady Luisa Hunter. She is a cousin of the father of the infamous Clegane brothers, Sandor and Gregor. She bears their good looks as well as their charming personality, which is to say she’s a beastly woman with the attitude of a headman’s axe. Lady Luisa has never encountered a problem she cannot solve with a savage beating or three, some of which she administers personally. Her servants live in terror of her, and for good reason.

Konrad and Luisa have two sons and three daughters. Their oldest daughter, Liesa, is wedded to Lord Broom and has produced three sons. Their youngest daughter is Ludviga, a great beauty as mild and innocent as she is attractive, the result of a rare recessive gene on both sides of her bloodline, no doubt. The oldest son is Naton Hunter, a brutish type much like his father, with no interest for anyone not willing to get drunk, bed a woman, or fight. The youngest son is Hayes Hunter, and he looks like the runt of the litter when standing next to his brother. What he lacks in muscle, he makes up for in cunning and wit. The middle daughter is Marita Hunter, “The Black Widow”. Three men have lost their lives after being betrothed to her.

Konrad Hunter

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