Joshua Latneau *DECEASED*

Son of Alfric Latneau, younger brother to Iris Latneau


Animal Handling 3 Ride 1B

Athletics 3

Awareness 3

Endurance 4 Resilience 2B

Fighting 3 Long Blades 2B, Spears 2B

Language 3

Status 4

Will 3

Combat Defense 8 (5)

Intrigue Defense 8

Health 14

Composure 9

Destiny 0 Points

Benefits: Attractive, Heir, Tough

Drawbacks: None

Mail Armor: AR 5 ❂ AP –3 Bulk 2 (Movement 3 yards)

Shield 3D 1 damage Defensive +2

Longsword 3D+2B 4 damage

Tourney Lance 3D+2B 4 damage Bulk 1, Mounted, Powerful, Reach, Slow


Alfric’s son is Joshua Latneau. He is sixteen, full of fire, and eager to prove his worth in a tournament. Joshua is thrilled at the prospect of heaping glory upon his house’s august name, and he submits to a grueling training regimen in hopes of overcoming the other knights flocking to King’s Landing’s lists.

Joshua is unaware of his sister’s current activities; he only knows that his father arranged an advantageous marriage for her with Ruben Piper. The boy is vexed to learn that his beloved sister turned her back on the family. He and she were close, and he believed her as stalwart a Latneau as himself. Part of him cannot accept that she would shirk her duty as a daughter and besmirch their family’s honor.

Joshua believes that House Teamus wants to ruin his father, and thus, he is prone to hostility towards them. He is apt to slight them, even scuffle with them, but his sense of honor demands he engage in no unscrupulous or unprovoked malefactions against them. Joshua has received decent training, a strong preparation for knighthood, and a proper upbringing. Joshua’s delusions about his house’s glory and honor make him prone to chivalrous antics and the sort of courageous displays that place a man’s life in danger. Joshua is in way over his head in Peril at King’s Landing. He’s a promising young cub whose life was cut tragically short.

During the Grand Feast, Joshua challenged the champion of House Teamus, Bryan Telson, to a trial by jousting, but fell from his saddle after the first joust, to be dragged off the field, where he endured a painful and agonizing death. The causes were not from the joust, as was deduced by Maester Ferris, the maester of House Latneau. The Maester, the house master of arms, Edan Ward, and his son, stayed behind in Kings Landing when Joshua’s body was sent North, to determine the cause of death, and track down any suspicious characters of foul play.

Since then, Iris Latneau has revealed herself from hiding to the house’s maester and she has picked up what was left of her house’s honor to pursue the truth in her younger brother’s death.

Joshua Latneau *DECEASED*

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