Joris Landseer *DECEASED*

Ser Joris Landseer is a knight who has seen better days


A dark, gruff, lean, old man, Ser Joris Landseer frequents the Greentree Inn. He regularly occupies a corner table in the common room, swilling ale and regaling disinterested whores (and anyone else unfortunate enough to sit near him) with his exploits on behalf of King Robert during the Rebellion. Although it is possible he fought on behalf of the king, it seems unlikely based on his current condition—that of a broken-down alcoholic hedge knight with just enough cash to drink himself into a stupor until his liver yields and surrenders up his spirit.


Ser Joris is deluded enough about his own knowledge and abilities (especially his familiarity with the kingswood) that he gladly lead the Teamus entourage on a snipe hunt. He desperately wants to recapture a sense of adventure and feed his delusion that he is still a skilled warrior. While looking for the Fox Knight, whom he convinced himself into thinking he knew the whereabouts of, he and the Teamus entourage ran into a large boar. Although the boar was defeated, and served for dinner that night at the Greentree Inn, he was not the least disappointed in not finding the Fox Knight.

He later accompanied the Teamus party, Bryan Telson and Hayes Hunter after receiving a note that the Fox Knight wanted to meet him. Although the Fox Knight seemed surprised at the appearance of Joris, it didn’t matter too much since he died soon after at the hand of Hayes Hunter, but not before delivering a gaping slice to Joris’s back, which killed Joris almost instantly.

Joris Landseer *DECEASED*

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