Iris Latneau

Daugther of Lord Alfric Latneau


She a lovely young woman in the full bloom of womanhood. She dresses well and attends to her appearance out of a small sense of vanity. She is about 17 years old. She has a beautiful singing voice.


Alfric’s eldest child who was betrothed by her father to Ruben Piper, a fat old merchant. Rather than submit to this marriage, she fled her house to parts unknown.

Iris has recently resurfaced at Kings Landing, where she revealed herself to be a high priced prostitute at The Jade Spring. She had shown interest in Mason Teamus, after noticing him in his Northman garb outside the GreenTree Inn (incidentally close to The Jade Spring) due to their similar backgrounds and upbringing in the North, and perhaps fell a little in love with home while being attracted to Mason. Though they are both young, she recalled what it was like to be a highborn lady in the company of a highborn gentleman, at least for a little time.

This relationship soon fell apart, as she feared it would, when he found what what she did for money, as she fled mortified from his presence. Her disposition flared even more after she learned of House Teamus’s alleged crimes involving her house’s smallfolk, and more importantly, the death of her brother.

She recently confronted House Teamus on this matter at the Grand Ball, demanding justice be served for crimes against her family. She appears to have had a relationship with Bryan Telson at some point, and has been seen in the presence of Hayes Hunter before and during the trial of Teamus.

At one point, she met with Mason Teamus before the trial, and started to rethink her accusations. She withdrew them in the trial of House Teamus, after evidence was presented incriminating House Hunter. After the trial, she asks Mason if his entourage can escort them back to her father’s lands. She has matured during this ordeal and realized that she now has a responsibility to her house, and is resigned to help her father in any way she can, even if it means marrying Ruben Piper or some other power move. Her father has little left, and is very vulnerable.

Iris Latneau

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