Hayes Hunter

Younger son of Lord Konrad Hunter


Hayes Hunter, a twenty-six-year-old lean and wolfish specimen of Hunter stock, is the second son of Konrad and the brightest copper to come out of the Hunter till in a good long while.


Hayes bears little resemblance to his oafish kin, displaying a cunning far more suited to a Lannister with a seductive serpentlike charm to match.

Hayes grew up in the shadow of his martial elder brother. Hayes proved a mediocre warrior, but he took to education with a zeal most of his family could never muster. While his brother acted as squire to an uncle, Hayes learned politics at the knee of his father, Lord Konrad. His father’s favorite, Hayes serves the elder Konrad well, so much so that Konrad called Hayes “the Hand of House Hunter” when he was a boy. Hayes has thus far managed small but impressive affairs for his father, resulting in gains for House Hunter.

Some of Hayes’s rivals claim Tywin Lannister, deep in his cups, mistook Luisa for a nag one night during a stay at House Hunter and mounted her. Nine moons later, Hayes was born. When Lord Tywin hears that same jest, he sets his hard gold-flecked eyes and replies, “The boy might be wily by Hunter standards, but for a Lannister, he’s a lackwit. More likely my horse mounted Luisa that night.” Whatever twist of fate brought a person like Hayes into the Hunter household gave birth to an man with a cunning mind and ambition.

Hayes has cultivated his reputation as a second in command: helpful son, loyal brother, and wise advisor, because it leads others to underestimate him. He learned at a young age that he could be invisible amid a group of people if they had no reason to notice him, and he learned how to turn that to his advantage.

Deep down, Hayes disdains brutish fighting men like his brother; he values cleverness and cunning above mere animal might. He nurses the certainty that his wits make him superior, no matter what others might think.

Hayes befriended the House Teamus entourage upon their entering Kings Landing, and has joined them in several of their adventures. He saved Mason’s life by stabbing a captive Fox Knight before he could lunge. He often would hang around with Teamus party members, and his brother Naton fought with them. He helped Mason track down Lidda, a woman of whom Mason Teamus was intrigued by, but callously did not care that he found her in a brothel, and how that would affect their relationship. Of late, Hayes has seemed to have befriended Iris Latneau.

However, relationships with House Teamus have been strained, as it appears Eckhard Stone or some member of the Teamus entourage poisoned Langley Woods, the suitor Hayes set up with his sister, Marita. Hayes has joined forces with Iris Latneau in accusing House Teamus for the murder of Langley Woods and Joshua Latneau.

Hayes Hunter

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