Gennady Shanin

Ser Gennady Shanin is a Dornish knight


Shanin possesses the hard physique of a much younger man, and his age shows only in the silver that streaks his temples and his beard. He has a prominent, hooked nose and a hawkish face.


Ser Gennady Shanin is an older knight from Dorne. He journeys to King’s Landing for the tournament and becomes smitten with Iris Dannett, though it is, in his case, thoroughly unrequited. Gennady and his men were responsible for the death of Tygor Wyl’s father, and Gennady fights with the Wyl family’s Valyrian steel blade, Scorpion, that he claimed as part of his spoils.

The unmarried Ser Gennady is also a social climber, and he looks to advance his lot in the tourney and make valuable contacts with the noble families of the Seven Kingdoms. He is not overly attached to life in Dorne, which he complains is too hot and too dry, and he would willingly settle elsewhere if the right opportunity presented itself.

Early upon arriving in Kings Landing, Shanin met Bryan Telson, whom he noticed was also from Dorne, and often engaged in small talk with Telson. He also spied Lidda immediately, and spent much of his money to make sure she was on his arm during his time before the tournament, although she abandoned him when she spied Mason Teamus.

Lewyn Snow had later noticed that Shanin had a Scorpion mark on his blade, much like the one Telson described belonged to his father. He informed Telson, who used the opportunity of the Grand Melee to exact vengeance from Shanin. The end result was that Telson revealed himself to be the son of the late Lord Wyl, got his father’s sword back, and sent Shanin packing to the wall. Shanin currently resides in the dungeons below the castle waiting for his escort north.

Gennady Shanin

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