Edan Ward

House Latneau Master-At-Arms


A seasoned fighting man, Edan has witnessed more than his share of battles, skirmishes, and scrapes.


His sole duty during the trip to Kings Landing was to train Joshua Latneau as best he can, and prepare the lad for what awaits him.

Edan also has three boisterous sons, who will be visiting Kings Landing for the first time: Doran, Fearghul, and Marcus.

Doran Ward and his father stayed behind when the rest of the Latneau entourage went north following Joshua Latneau’s untimely death. They worked with Maester Ferris to determine the cause of death and tried to find any information they could bring back to the lord of the house.

Edan and Doran also participated in the Grand Melee, where Doran broke his neck and died. After later examination of the body, it was found he was stabbed as well, though none could say if it was before, or after, his death. Nor could anyone recall whom he was fighting before he died. Edan was upset to learn of this, even after taking a share of the Grand Melee pot for being one of the four finishing participants, it was no consolation.

Edan understands that accidents can happen in such a tournament, but the stab wound confounds him. He is performing his own investigation in addition to that of his lord’s son’s death.

During this time in Kings Landing, Iris Latneau revealed herself to Edan, who is trying to convince her to return home, so her father will have something to live for in spite of what happened to Joshua.

Edan Ward

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