Deetch Teamus

Lord of House Teamus at the beginning of it's infrastructure era


Deetch Teamus, the foresightless green dreamer. As the first of five consecutive Lord Teamuses to see the green dreams, Deetch was the only one not to be instructed in the interpretation of these dreams. Consequently, he dammed up The Last River north of Edgeguard when he ordered the building of Deetch Dam. The Last River flooded up behind the dam and ruined a great portion of Bolton farming land. This added to the bad blood already existing between the two houses. The subsequent battles fought south of the dam resulted in so much blood that the river south of Deetch Dam was renamed The Red River.

Fortunately, Deetch was able to instruct his son, Strom Teamus, in the interpretation of green dreams based on what he learned. Strom then passed on his knowledge to Clem Teamus, who was followed by Wyatt Teamus. With each passing generation, House Teamus thrived. They defeated the Boltons, rebuilt Breakeven and Edgeguard, and constructed High Card tower to help serve as a lookout against enemies from the west.

Deetch Teamus

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