Black Sword *DECEASED*

Villain member of Teamus History


Black Sword, a villain which spoiled a marriage between Lord Mathle and a Bolton woman many centuries ago, has been rumored to haunt Edgeguard looking for Boltons to slay. This incident caused even more enmity between the two houses (exact dates unknown).


Teamus took a Karstark daughter to wife and settled down in First to Last on good terms with that house. However, the Boltons were upset, claiming the king had no right to give away their lands and also that Mykal Bolton had no right to wager lands because he bestowed control of House Bolton to his heir when he took the position of personal guard to the king.

Teamus had never known his parents and so had no idea if his green dreams were hereditary. He learned that he could see events that happened in his own future and in the future of those who would greatly impact his life. His green dreams, or visions, were cryptic and hard to understand, and it took awhile before he could correctly divine what action he should take because of what he saw.

As control of House Teamus passed from father to eldest son, it was discovered that the gift was also only passed to the eldest son and that it sometimes skipped generations. In the beginning, the gift passed on frequently and fathers taught their sons in interpretation of green dreams. The small Teamus realm prospered, re-building the town and port and building a small castle, benefitting from decisions that many would consider a gamble.

But, over the next few thousand years, the gift skipped generations more and more frequently until fear began to grow that the Teamus line had lost the gift. Just as they had gambled and prospered with the green dreams, House Teamus gambled and lost without.

At the end of an especially long drought (though those living at the time did not know it was the end) lived Mathle Teamus, Lord of House Teamus and younger brother to Adan Snow, an illegitimate eldest son who claimed to see the green dreams. Adan got away with a lot more than bastards usually do because of what he claimed, he even had a small following who believed that leadership of House Teamus should pass to an heir with green dreams, regardless of blood.

Mathle never believed Adan’s claim, and always resented Adan for being bigger, stronger, quicker, more athletic, better looking, and for challenging the Lordship that was his birthright.

This being an especially long period of hard knocks for House Teamus; Mathle was having trouble arranging a politically beneficial marriage for his heir. He ended up agreeing to marry a niece of Lord Bolton, whose family still held great enmity for House Teamus. They would receive great satisfaction having Lord Teamus marry so low in their family.

Adan Snow was opposed to the marriage. He went into the town’s streets and preached against it. Continuing to claim in public that he could see the future and knew what was best, he railed against Lord Mathle’s decision, saying that it would destroy the line. Eventually he had to leave the city or be killed, but as he was chased away, he yelled that death would bear more sons to Teamus than would a Bolton bride. People feared his ominous words.

Several days later at the wedding party, there was an attack inside the small castle. The royal family and their royal guests were ushered into a fortified back room with an escape route. The guards slammed the door, barred it, then turned to light the torches in the room when a figure all in black sprung from the shadows, knocking the flaming brands to the ground and in two motions quicker than one, killed both guards.

A royal panic ensued. Lords and ladies screamed in high pitched voices as they dove for cover, pushing and pulling each other in their haste to escape. Wielding a black sword dripping with blood they could not see, the black figure killed every single Bolton in the room. There was silence in the room for 15 seconds before Mathle stopped hearing the screams. When he looked up he saw Adan removing his black coif, his face illuminated by the torch he’d picked up.

“What’ve you done?!” His voice was a contortion of emotion.

“The only thing that remained,” replied Adan. “This… tragedy was the only way to ensure the continuation of the Teamus line.”

It’s important to note that those words were heard by Teamus family member who survived the attack, for they would be whispered for generations behind closed doors. In the meantime, Adan willingly submitted to his Lord’s punishments, which were death by beheading using the same black sword from the safe-room massacre. Of course it was public and his last shout was, “Long live House Teamus!”

Mathle ordered the execution then sent the body to the Boltons, who wouldn’t say why they wanted it, but definitely did demand it. And since Adan had slaughtered the entire family of Lord Bolton’s youngest brother, and Mathle never liked him anyway, Lord Teamus shipped off the body to the Boltons, saying that it was the only way to prevent war. It didn’t prevent war.

For 20 long years, the people of First to Last defended themselves from the Boltons. That was just long enough for a Mormont maid to come of age, marry a Karstark, have her eldest daughter come of age and marry Mathle Teamus, who put a son in her, whom she pushed out 9 months later. They named him Anakin Teamus, and he saw the green dreams (and he had the highest Midi-Chlorians count ever!).

Soon the Boltons began to run out of money and anger. Battles became skirmishes, deaths became wounds, burning hatred became seething dislike, and House Teamus experienced relative peace and began to grow. Soon whispers were heard behind closed doors that Adan Snow or “Black Sword” as he came to be known, truly saw the green dreams. They whispered that he had preserved the Teamus line, despite Mathle’s bumbling. And, while the Black Sword was known throughout the North as a villain, an official stance adopted by House Teamus, he did maintain a small following, became a legend in First to Last, and eventually a source of private pride.

Black Sword *DECEASED*

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